One more step along the world I go

This is what I wrote at the airport:

So here I am at Singapore Changi Airport, waiting to board my flight to Melbourne and to the next part of my journey. It’s been a varied and fascinating two months, I’ve done things and reacted to events in ways that have surprised me, and I’ve had all sorts of experiences. I’ve learned Scuba dive, to cook Burmese food, to ride a moped, to teach English and to eat dhal with my hands. I’ve had a go at working with people with special needs, refugees and homeless people. I’ve taken lots of trains, eaten all kinds of food, met people from all over the world and experienced the distinct cultures of four very different countries.

The trip I’ve done has ended up being very different from what I originally envisaged in almost every sense; the location, the company, the activities, and I am grateful that things turned out the way they did. One of the unexpected joys for me over this trip has been the realisation that, not only am I capable of travelling alone without panicking or being too organised, but I actually really enjoy it. Turns out I’m actually a pretty good travelling companion.

I’ll be taking a bit of a break now while I set myself up in Melbourne and get used to real life again, but I’ve got some travels planned and I’ll be blogging again in a few weeks time.