Welcome to my new blog which I will be writing during my travels around Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (or that’s the plan anyway).

You might be curious about the name and if you are I shall explain it.  The logic is two-fold and is as follows; a few years ago now a friend of mine said that I am like a guinea pig, because I panic if I’m left on my own for too long. That was undoubtedly true at the time, and is still true to some extent – I like being around people and I wouldn’t (or couldn’t) live on my own – but I’d like to think I’ve become a little better recently at enjoying my own company. Hopefully this trip will allow me to prove my self-sufficiency in the face of the unknown and unplanned, and although I have every intention of meeting all kinds of people along the way, I hope to enjoy my own company in a way that I maybe haven’t before.

The second, slightly less lame reason for naming myself the Travelling Guinea Pig is that on this trip I want to Try New Things. From having a go at teaching, to not having every step of the journey planned out, I intend to use this trip to expand my horizons and do things (but nothing illegal or dangerous, don’t worry Mum) that I might not normally do, and to write all about it here.

But that’s enough of the soppy stuff, soon to come will be my first impressions of Burma and the first train journey of the trip. Yay trains.